Catalyst or better known as The Displacement was an event that occurred around the world several years ago.

Other names

Catalyst is known by many names (officially):

  • The Displacement
  • The Reset
  • The Great Divide
  • The Rapture
  • Day of the White Rabbit
  • Night of New Day


People all over earth were separated and placed into a new world (People were brought to the new world with those in immediate proximity), which already had buildings and cities there. Many people theorize that there was a previous people who once lived on this world and that some of them may still be among us.


The Displacement was seen as both a positive and negative thing by all. Not all people were separated from their families, however those who were had to join gangs and groups of people in order to survive, this became a commonality. Many people saw this new world as a chance at a new life, away from their old lives and old problems. For the first few years there was a spike in poverty, millions had died. This was before those with Seals rose up and accelerated the rebuild of society.

After The Displacement many new items and phenomena were introduced such as:

  • The manifestation of Seals
  • New Minerals and Materials
  • Natural hair discolorations and unique defects
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